What is the % of Claims We Have Handled and How Can We Help?

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18th March 2024
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How can we help our members, when they face a claim?

Consider a doctor, who is a talented surgeon renowned for their precision. Despite the utmost diligence, one of their patient’s outcomes and expectations is different to what they provided.
The doctor believed they did the right thing and took the right action. The patient didn’t, and the net result of this difference is a claim. In moments like these, our role becomes crucial. We step in, providing support and can manage the intricacies of the claim, allowing doctor’s and surgeons to continue their vital work with a sense of security.

In the complex world of healthcare, safeguarding both patients and practitioners is paramount. We understand that the medical field is dynamic, and challenges may arise unexpectedly. We have at the time of writing in 2024, 790 surgeons who have put their trust in us to provide support and ensure in the event of a claim happening, they have the right cover in place.

We hope that they never have to call us. We know they are great surgeons and have built brilliant practices and reputations, but sadly in the last 12 months, 311 of those individuals have faced moments of uncertainty and needed our support and guidance. When the unexpected and unwanted call happens, from a patient making a claim, our 24/7 in-house medico-legal team swiftly operates and provides expert guidance, helping to offer reassurance and clarity during challenging times.

In understanding the landscape of medical indemnity claims, it’s crucial to consider the likelihood of claims across different specialties. We live in litigious times and most surgeons can expect to be on the receiving end of a Letter of Claim, whether from NHS or Private work, at some point in their career. However, just because a claim is brought does not necessarily mean that it will succeed.

We are proud to be one of the longest standing Medical Indemnity Insurance Providers. We are proud to provide guaranteed cover and support to an industry that previously was given no certainty about covering claims. Since 2010, we have put in place 7,701 policies to surgeons all over the UK and these have served as beacons of protection.

Within this time span, we’ve managed 2,503 claims – a tangible representation of the unpredictable nature of healthcare. This equates to 32.5% of policies resulting in claims, illustrating the reality that even the most dedicated practitioners can face unexpected hurdles.

Why do we believe it’s important to share this information?

For 2 reasons:
At Incision, we understand the pressures and challenges surgeons face when dealing with claims. That’s why we’ve assembled a team of trained medical professionals dedicated to minimizing the
stress and strain on you during this process.

With the surge in new private patients (with over half a million new private patients being added into insurance policies each year) and the heightened risk of claims, even the most skilled surgeons are not immune. Nearly 1 in 3 surgeons has faced this challenge, and many turn to us for support. One of our returning surgeons said to us recently ‘when a claim happens, there is only
one team I want to support me and that’s Incision’.

While we hope it never happens to you, can you trust your current insurer to handle a claim with the care it deserves? Our ethos prioritizes transparency, reliability, and unwavering support, ensuring our members receive dependable protection every step of the way.

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