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Why join Incision?

Medical Professionals belonging to Incision, receive a competitive contractual indemnity solution. In addition to our comprehensive coverage, Incision provides all its members with a wealth of risk management materials, educational resources and 24/7 in-house medico-legal support.

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Benefits of Incisions Medical Indemnity Insurance

Regulated and secure contract of insurance backed by A rated specialist Medical Malpractice insurance companies and Lloyd’s of London syndicates
Limits of indemnity that meet and exceed the requirements of all private hospital groups
Broader time frame and greater flexibility when notifying a claim or circumstance
Guaranteed full 21 years run-off cover – for no extra charge from day one
24/7 medico-legal advice from our in-house team of legally and medically qualified advisors
Quick and easy to use online application form that gives an instant quote and purchase option
Specialist and exclusive bespoke scheme offering highly competitive rates
Risk management, news and articles

All the important information to know for Medical Professionals


What happens when I move to Incision?

If you choose to move to us, we will handle everything going forward. The only thing you need to do is notify your previous indemnifier that you’re leaving.

How quickly can I get a quote and my documentation?

With our new online portal, provided that you have your information to hand and we have no further questions, you will receive a quote instantly. Your policy wording and certificate will be issued immediately after purchase via email. Hard copies will reach you within 5 working days.

How can I pay for my subscription?

Through our online customer portal, you can pay for your subscription in one lump sum by credit or debit card, BACS, cheque or by ten instalments via Premium Credit Limited.

What is medical indemnity?

Surgeons and Medical Professionals work hard to deliver good quality healthcare but sometimes, even with the best experience and training in the world, things can go wrong. Often, these mistakes can have serious financial consequences for a patient, and therefore, the operating surgeon.If a patient has suffered harm as a result of a surgeon’s negligence, it’s very important that the surgeons and medical professionals have adequate and appropriate insurance (or indemnity) to compensate the patient.Medical indemnity insurance responds to an accusation of medical malpractice, where the medical professional service provided was allegedly substandard, and caused physical or mental harm, injury or death to a patient.Medical indemnity insurance is designed to protect the surgeon and medical professional during the claims process, including any costs and defence fees arising from the claim. In cases where malpractice is proven, compensation is paid to the patient.Sadly, our society is becoming more and more litigious and the risk of legal action against a surgeon or medical professional for medical malpractice is increasing every day.

What do I need to know about my medical indemnity insurance policy?

According to the GMC, it is the responsibility of the surgeon to ensure that they have adequate insurance in place. Then their patients will not be disadvantaged if they need to make a claim for compensation.It is therefore very important for surgeons to understand the policy details and to clarify the exact meaning of any clauses that they do not fully understand.Then, in the event that a claim is received, they know what they are covered for and what action is required.
Here are a few things to look out for:

Fair Presentation

It is the surgeon’s responsibility to make a “Fair Presentation” of their independent practice to underwriters. This allows the underwriters to decide whether to provide insurance or not and, if so, the terms and conditions of such insurance.

Insuring Clauses

The Insuring Clauses describes the breadth of cover that underwriters are insuring.


It is also important to be aware of exclusions contained in the Policy. Exclusions limit the scope any, or all, of the Insuring Clauses by excluding something that would otherwise be covered. For example, most policies will not cover any fraudulent, dishonest or malicious acts even if they arise within a surgeon’s medical professional services.

Notifying a Claim or Circumstances

It is vitally important that doctors ensure that they are familiar with the claim reporting procedures contained within the policy so that any notification of a claim or circumstances is in accordance with the policy terms.

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All you need to get a quote

Personal details, including contact information and GMC number.

Your estimated and actual income from your independent practice (excluding medico-legal report writing).


I would personally like to thank you and Incision again for all your help. It is most reassuring to us that you are always there for guidance.

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I was most grateful that Incision/Paragon was responsive to a competitive quote and certainly does give the impression that you value your clients. Thank you. Payment has been made in full and can I also congratulate Incision on a professional and seamless renewal process and user-friendly software.

Plastic Surgeon

Incision has been an excellent choice for my practice.

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It is a pleasure to thank you for the excellent service that Incision/Paragon has provided over the years, providing professional support and peace of mind!

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Thank you for all the hard work that Incision have done for its members during these unprecedented times

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