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The Incision policy

Medical Indemnity insurance is there to protect you against an accusation that your medical professional services caused physical or mental harm, injury or death, to a patient in your private practice.

Each member benefits from a regulated and contractual insurance policy, which meets and exceeds the requirements of private hospital groups.

Medical and Professional Liability
Cyber Liability
Commercial legal protection
Professional Indemnity
Public Liability
Employer's Liability

Incision indemnity insurance

We work with specialists to tailor our benefits to suit you. Our secure contracts are underwritten by Lloyd’s of London Syndicates and Medical Malpractice insurance companies.

Unlike some of our competitors, Incision provides a claims-made contract of insurance giving you a legal right to defence in the event of a claim being made against you. Click here to read about the difference between discretionary and contractual Medical Indemnity cover

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Contract of insurance
Secure contract of insurance underwritten by Lloyd's of London and Medical Malpractice insurance companies.
Our limits of indemnity
Meet and exceed the requirements of all private hospital groups
Medico-legal advice 24/7
Advice and assistance from our in-house medically and legally qualified staff.
21 years extended reporting period
Run-off cover can be triggered in the event of your death, permanent disablement or retirement, at no additional costs, from day one.

Thinking of moving to Incision?

As a Surgeon or Medical Professional, here’s what you need to know.

Find out more about the benefits of an Incision membership.
Find the right Indemnity for you.
Find out what happens to your cover if you retire, die or become permanently disabled.
Learn about the 5 stages during the life of a claim.

Who we provide cover for

We group our surgeon members by specialty, ring-fencing our members from claims made by other specialties. This enables us to lower rates, provide broader coverage and deliver effective risk management programs to our members.
Medical Professionals
The Incision offering for our Medical Professionals is tailored to meet and exceed the requirements of all private hospital groups.
Private Clinics
Incision will provide your Private Clinic with indemnity cover which will offer protection if a patient makes a claim against your organisation or employees who provided their care.
Limits issued to policyholders from (1/1/14 to 30/9/21)
Claims handled
Access to
Education articles

Education & Resources

Our education and resources library includes advice and guidance on best practices and thought leadership from a number of medical specialists.

Our knowledge hub is always developing to support our membership in a number of different ways.  Resources include access to thought leadership, hot topics, advice, and guidance on best practices for your profession.

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How Incision can help with Data Breaches and Cyber Risks

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Am I Covered for Data Breaches and Cyber Risks?

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Incision Cover to include Surgical Assistants and Fellows

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The Doctor/Patient Relationship in Private Practice

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How Incision Indemnity can help you with Inquests

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How Incision Indemnity can help you with GMC Investigations

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Incision has been an excellent choice for my practice

Incision client survey 2021
Orthopaedic Consultant

I was most grateful that Incision/Paragon was responsive to a competitive quote and certainly does give the impression that you value your clients. Thank you. Payment has been made in full and can I also congratulate Incision on a professional and seamless renewal process and user-friendly software.

Plastic Surgeon

Incision has been an excellent choice for my practice.

Incision client survey 2021
Orthopaedic Consultant

It is a pleasure to thank you for the excellent service that Incision/Paragon has provided over the years, providing professional support and peace of mind!

Retiring Surgeon

Thank you for all the hard work that Incision have done for its members during these unprecedented times

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

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