First Ever Smart Knee Replacement with “Smart” Implant Enables Remote Patient Monitoring

Incision Indemnity
3rd April 2023
2 mins read

A specialist surgical hospital in New York has completed the first knee replacement with a smart implant capable of measuring and transmitting data on patient steps, walking speed, range of motion etc. enabling remote monitoring. 

Surgeons Peter Sculco and Fred Cushner performed this procedure using Zimmer Biomet’s Persona IQ Implant which received authorisation from U.S FDA in August.

Although the technology doesn’t preclude office visits altogether, it enables doctors to actively monitor a patient’s recovery with real-world, objective data to supplement their care.

Persona IQ collects kinematic data from patients as they’re going about everyday life. The smart sensor implant is capable of measuring steps taken, walking speed, range of motion and other indicators of knee function following surgery. 

That vital information is then securely relayed to a cloud-based platform for the surgeons to review.

The smart knee contains a sensor that is integrated into the joint replacement prosthesis. Once implanted, it records and wirelessly transmits gait data and other information to a personal base station, about the size of a modem, that plugs into an outlet at the patient’s home. The data is then securely sent to a cloud-based platform where the orthopedic surgeon can review it and check on the patient’s progress and recovery.

Smart knee