Incision Cover Enhanced for Remote Consultations

Since the start of the pandemic, there has been an enormous increase in the use of remote consultations by telephone and video conference and we are proud to announce yet another enhancement to the scope of Incision cover. 

Incision’s view has always been that claims arising from remote consultations by telephone or video, as part of the usual overall care of the patient, are covered under the Incision policy as usual.  Of course, anyone who decided to set up a pure telemedicine service, would need to seek advice about whether they needed to buy a fresh policy to cover the risks associated with that new venture.

However, we have received a number of queries from Members and prospective Members who were keen to double-check that they would still be covered even if the claim arose from a remote consultation rather than an in-person consultation.

Therefore, to put everyone’s minds at rest, we have amended the policy wording to expressly confirm that remote consultations as part of your usual business are covered. While cover will always be subject to the overall terms and conditions of the policy, we hope it reassures to know that we are always working hard to identify ways to protect our Members, and their patients, in the best way.

Existing Members will have the benefit of this enhanced cover straight away, and new Members will have the benefit of this enhanced cover when they join.

Incision Members can contact the 24/7 Incision Medico-Legal helpline if they ever need to discuss or notify these or any other incidents arising from their practice.

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