Appropriate Clinical Cover – Incision Statement

Incision Indemnity
General -
11th March 2024
2 mins read

As a regulated contract of insurance provider, we are deeply concerned by the recent announcement regarding clinical negligence cover system reforms.

The Government’s decision to implement a sector-led Code of Practice for medical defence organisations, instead of banning discretionary cover or enforcing regulation, comes as disappointing news for the security of surgeons, medical professionals, and the safety of patients.

Discretionary indemnity, unlike regulated insurance, permits discretion in accepting or refusing claims, resulting in significant gaps in compensation coverage for patients harmed during treatment. While the proposed Code of Practice aims to improve transparency, it falls short of addressing the core issues at hand, that discretionary cover is just that – “discretionary.”

We anticipated more decisive action to ensure the accountability and reliability of clinical negligence cover. The introduction of a Code of Practice is significant, especially for regulated providers, who adhere to stringent standards and contractual obligations.

It is paramount that patients receive the protection they deserve, and healthcare professionals are equipped with reliable indemnity arrangements. We firmly believe that the government should prioritise comprehensive reforms that emphasise patient safety and fairness for all stakeholders involved.

As we persist in advocating for meaningful change, we hope that policymakers reconsider their approach and prioritise the implementation of robust regulations that uphold the integrity of the healthcare system.

You can read the published statement here: